Nick Blevins: Using Basecamp to Manage Events, Trips, and Projects in Family Ministry

I’m sure you agree that in children’s ministry and student ministry, we have to manage a lotCurriculum, volunteers, events, classes, projects, trips, communication, schedules, email, social media, policies, paperwork, resources, supplies and other things I’m sure I’m missing. At some point, we all need a system to help manage everything we manage.


I know many of you cringe at the phrase “Project Management.” I’m the opposite, as before I ever considered working for a church I was a project manager and planned on doing some version of that in my career long-term. I enjoy it.

However, even if it makes your skin crawl, it’s important because your ministry needs it.

That’s not all. You need it.

Here are four reasons why:


If you’re doing ministry alone, you’re doing it wrong. You need to work with a team and your team needs a way to collaborate centrally so everyone is on the same page. Project management is all about helping teams work together. You will be a lid to the growth of your ministry if you cannot work through teams.


There is so much to manage and much of it repeats weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Because you repeat trips, events and projects, it makes sense to use some tool to help you avoid re-doing all the planning each time. You already thought of everything needed to pull off that event, so why not save it somewhere and get a head start next time?


Consistency builds trust. The more you are consistent with your ministries, events, trips, communication, etc., the more trust you build with families. Project management allows you to stay consistent by saving what was done before and offering the same thing again.


Not only does project management allow you to be more consistent, it also makes it easier to continuously improve. You know exactly what you did before and, if you’re smart, you debriefed afterward and saved your feedback. You can easily use that feedback the next time around because you saved it all in your project management tool.

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Source: Church Leaders