Trump Declares There Will be a ‘Jexodus’ of Jewish Voters Leaving the Democratic Party Due to Anti-Semitism

When Democrats argued about a House member’s comments on Israel and U.S. lawmakers, many saw it as an emerging dispute between the party’s old guard and some of its younger members.

President Donald Trump saw it as a political opportunity with Jewish voters.

In tweets, public statements and speeches to supporters, Trump and his aides are trying to use claims of anti-Semitism to pry Jewish voters away from their longtime allegiance to the Democratic Party.

In his latest effort, a Friday morning tweet, Trump said Jewish people were leaving the Democratic Party in what he called a “Jexodus,” though he did not cite evidence for such a shift. He said Republicans were “waiting with open arms” for Jewish voters. “Remember Jerusalem (U.S. Embassy) and the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal!” he tweeted.

The phrase “Jexodus” stirred controversy on Twitter with some users calling it offensive to Jewish people.

Democrats increased their share of the Jewish vote between the 2016 and 2018 elections, from 71 percent to 79 percent. A new Gallup report, based on tracking poll data from 2018, said that “one in six U.S. Jews identify as Republican.” About half described themselves as Democrats.

“‘Jexodus’ is a Republican fantasy that will fail,” said Halie Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. Soifer was among many who said they were offended by Trump’s term.

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SOURCE: USA Today, David Jackson