How King Solomon’s Seven Prayers for Seven Coming Judgments on Israel Hits Close to Home for America

In II Chronicles Chapter 6, King Solomon prayed seven prayers, anticipating seven sins of the nation of Israel and the subsequent seven judgments of God. These prayers were fervent and the impending judgments severe, and Solomon was intent on seeking God’s involvement in a nation falling far from Him.

Yes, his prayers were for the nation of Israel during a time of blessing and a newly constructed temple, but knowing the sinfulness of man, Solomon sought God’s promise of mercy. Is his concern really so far removed from where we are in America today?

1. Removal of God’s Blessing

Solomon identified in his first prayer the first national judgment of God—‘the removal of God’s blessing.’ God promises blessing for obedience but removes His blessing as He did from King Saul, Samson and the entire nation of Israel when they forgot God and sinned. It’s a frightening thing when God turns blessing to judgment with resulting military defeat, violent weather, sickness and societal decay. Sin always breaks fellowship and turns God’s favor to wrath.

2. Governmentally Sanctioned Injustice

The second evidence of judgment is ‘governmentally sanctioned injustice.’ Solomon asked God if He would defend the innocent and punish the wicked when national justice fails.

Isn’t it obvious that truth in our nation has fallen and justice has been subverted? When the righteous are marginalized and doing evil is rewarded, when abortion and same sex marriage are embraced, while simultaneously Christian businesses are penalized, and when the rule of law is rejected but socialism embraced and the Constitution marginalized—God’s judgment happens. God is not mocked. Whatever a nation sows, it reaps, including America.

3. Military Defeat

Solomon prayed again, identifying God’s third of seven progressive judgments on nations who forget God—‘military defeat.’ Since World War II, our nation has suffered repeated “defeats” in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and in the War on Terror. Now Iran, Russia and China threaten us from abroad and Venezuela to our south. Enemies reside within. Defeat is happening at the hands of the enemies of freedom, biblical truth, the rule of law and those who desire that America and Christians in America would disappear from the earth.

Do we recognize God’s judgment already upon us and do we ever consider that military defeat is God’s judgment? God does.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sam Rohrer