‘Unplanned’ Movie Shows Abortion’s Sin and Offers Redemption

Abby Johnson / Unplanned movie poster

Abby Johnson was “vulnerable.” Raised in a Christian pro-life home and a church that never really talked about abortion, she believed her employer Planned Parenthood was “a woman’s empowerment organization.”

Then she became a clinic director and saw a 13-week-old fetus flinch and fight for his fleeting life during an ultrasound-guided abortion.

Shocked at the truth of abortion, she quit her Planned Parenthood clinic job in Bryan, Texas, started a ministry and wrote a book about her experiences in 2011 that is the basis for “Unplanned,” opening in theaters March 29.

“Moral relativism is rampant in our society,” Johnson told Baptist Press. “In these times where everybody talks about her truth or your truth or my truth, I really think that people are just looking for the truth, and they’re going to find that in this film. They’re going to see the redemptive power of Christ in this film.”

Through her ministry — And Then There Were None (ATTWN) — founded in 2012 with husband Doug, Johnson helps other abortion clinic workers leave the industry, find redemption in Jesus and become active church members in their communities. To date, ATTWN has helped 487 abortion clinic employees leave their jobs, Johnson told BP.

Unplanned is rated R by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), which Johnson believes only evidences the violence that is abortion. The film includes black-and-white sonogram images with special effects dramatizing an actual abortion.

“It’s rated R because the MPAA sort of stumbled backwards into the truth, admitting that abortion is violent,” Johnson told BP. The film is appropriate for teenagers, but should only be viewed by preteens with their parents’ informed judgment, Johnson said.

Johnson, pregnant with her eighth child, took her 12-year-old daughter to an Unplanned screening.

“My daughter is very knowledgeable about abortion. We talk about abortion all the time,” Johnson said. “My children have grown up hearing about this in our home. She goes and prays with me outside abortion clinics.”

Johnson was vulnerable to Planned Parenthood’s deception because the subject of abortion was not discussed much during her childhood, she said, even as her parents described themselves as pro-life.

“I think if that conversation has been breached in your home, then bringing a preteen to the film is appropriate. If it has not, and you are sort of just treading into this territory with your children, then I definitely think that now is a good time to start having that talk,” Johnson said.

“I tell people we’ve performed abortions on girls as young as 10 and 11, so you’re not doing your children any favor by sheltering them from the reality of pregnancy and abortion,” she said. “I feel very strongly that we need to be talking about these things with our children.”

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Source: Baptist Press