New Jersey Priest Who Moved to Nevada After Being Accused of Sexually Abusing Children Is Found Murdered in His New Home

A disgraced New Jersey priest who moved to Nevada after being ‘credibly accused’ of sexual abuse has been found shot dead in his new home.

John Capparelli, 70, was found shot dead in his house in Henderson, Nevada, at 9.30am on Saturday.

Police were called to conduct a welfare check on the accused pedophile and found his body inside.

They have not released any further details about his killing but have categorized his death as a homicide.

Capparaelli moved state in 2016 after being accused of groping young boys and photographing them in swimwear while he held a position within the New Jersey diocese.

In 1992, he was removed from the ministry after children and their parents brought their allegations to the church but he continued working with kids as a teacher.

Some of his alleged victims won settlements from the church but he never faced prosecution.

The allegations regarded incidents in the 1980s, when he worked at various churches including Our Lady of Fatima in North Bergen, Oratory Prep in Summit, Holy Trinity in Westfield, St. Theresa in Kenilworth and as a Temporary Chaplain at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.

It was not until his past alleged behavior was exposed in the 2011.

He then had his certificates revoked and fled, in shame, to Nevada to live out his years quietly.

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Source: Daily Mail