Louisiana Church Sees 50 New Believers in Revival

ROBELINE, La. (Baptist Message) — Evangelist Sam Moore originally planned to preach just 10 days at the revival he led for the First Baptist Church in Robeline.

However, what began with a Disciple Now youth weekend retreat at church on Jan. 18 continued until Feb. 6, an additional nine days after the congregation extended the revival services two times.

Church officials reported 50 people repented and committed to live for Christ and that 38 of the new converts were baptized during the services.

Moore thanked God for sending the Holy Spirit to stir the people’s hearts.

“The altars were full every night as the invitation was extended, and believers prayed for the lost and for themselves,” Moore said. “Many publicly declared they had experienced personal revival in their lives. This church has really been in a state of revival for several years now. This church is very serious and intentional about prayer and outreach. God blessed their efforts and faithfulness.”

Brian Ray, pastor of First Baptist Robeline, said the extended revival was not about the pastor, congregation or who was on the schedule but was all about God’s presence in the services.

“Every ounce of glory goes directly to Him,” Ray said. “It’s not about the church. We can’t save anybody. That light always reflects Him.”

Praying for revival

The church made preparations for the revival months in advance.

In October, each member was asked to pray for five lost people by name. Moreover, the congregation faithfully prayed in the following months, asking for wisdom, discernment and revival, as well as to plead that God’s presence fill the worship center during each service.

“Without prayer it is impossible,” Ray said. “We prayed that God would give us clean hearts and then prayed others would change their hearts. Calling out names specifically to God is a big part. Many of those names are now names that are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”

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Source: Baptist Press