Local Council Bans Prayer or Counseling Outside London Abortion Center

A local council in a borough of southwest London has passed a vote to set up a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) around a BPAS abortion clinic. The protection order put in place will ban pro-life vigils and protests “with respect to issues related to abortion services, by any means” wrote the Independent.

The Richmond Council’s unanimous decision to introduce the PSPO around the Twickenham clinic prevents the “peaceful pro-life prayer vigils” normally held by the Good Counsel Network, according to Life News.

In addition to protests, attempts to provide counseling support to women visiting the center will be banned, “along with ‘any form’ of interaction with residents, road users or BPAS staff if it relates to terminations, according to a draft document,” reported the Independent.

This ban spreads across six roads surrounding the clinic to create a buffer zone in areas where Richmond Council says protest has grown in recent years. Positive and negative feelings have been reported by women who have attended the clinic. Many have said to have felt judged and targeted by the manner of protest occurring, while others have received support after handed leaflets, and decided not to end their pregnancies.

Some of these women gave testimonies to the council, expressing their “dismay” that the introduction of a censorship zone will prevent “vulnerable women from receiving information about help and support available to them,” as Be Here For Me explained in a press release.

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Source: Christian Headlines