Friend Found Blood and Hair at Home of Missing Texas Woman Andreen McDonald, Which Led to Arrest of Her Air Force Major Husband

Friends of missing Texas woman Andreen McDonald reportedly found blood, human hair, and a burn pile at the home of McDonald and her husband after the young mother failed to show up for work last week. The Houston Chronicle reports that Andreen told a friend that if she ever went missing, it was because her husband—Air Force Major Andre McDonald—killed her. Once her friend noticed that she wasn’t at work last week, she and another woman entered her home through an unlocked back door—where they are said to have found blood and hair on the master bathroom light switch, Andreen McDonald’s car in the garage, and a burn pile in the backyard. The friend alerted authorities, who arrested Andre for “tampering with evidence in the case of his missing wife.” Subsequent searches of the home reportedly found torn up receipts showing Andre bought a “shovel, an axe, a hatchet, heavy duty large plastic bags, gloves and two 5-gallon gas cans.” Many of the items were reportedly found in the back of Andre’s Porche, and “heavy coveralls” were also found in a trash can. Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar has said investigators believe Andreen McDonald is dead. Andre is currently in Bexar County Jail, and his bail is set for $2 million.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast