President Trump Requests $8.6 Billion for Border Wall

President Trump is reviving his border wall budget battle with Democrats in Congress, asking for $8.6 billion for the wall in his new budget request.

The border wall, one of his biggest campaign promises, received nearly $1.4 billion from Congress during the recent government shutdown battle. But that was only one-fourth of what the president had asked for to build part of the wall, so he declared a national emergency in an attempt to acquire more funding.

“We need the wall and it has to be built and we want to build it fast,” Trump said.

Approximately 120 miles of the wall has already been completed or is in progress, but the president wants to build more than 700 miles of border fencing. If Congress were to grant him the additional $8.6 billion, which is highly unlikely since Democrats have vehemently opposed the effort, Trump would be able to build another 300 miles of new border wall.

The new $8.6 billion request comes at a crucial point as a report indicates more than 76,000 migrants were able to cross the US-Mexico border illegally in February alone. That’s a huge spike over previous levels, and the Trump administration says it’s proof that the border situation is a true “crisis” that supports the need for the president’s emergency declaration.

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Source: CBN