Parents Encouraged to Speak Up as FCC Prepares to Update TV Ratings System

The Federal Communications Commission is currently taking comments from the public about the TV ratings system so media watchdog groups are hoping statements from concerned parents and grandparents will far outnumber comments from Hollywood.

That is because Hollywood doesn’t think there’s a problem at all with what flows into our living rooms, says Monica Cole of One Million Moms.

She calls the current TV ratings system inaccurate and unreliable and her group is partnering with the Parents Television Council to encourage parents to voice their opinions to the FCC.

The FCC comment page can be found here, using the required “Proceeding code” 19-14 to get started.

“Just as parents can send in their comments, so can Hollywood,” Cole tells OneNewsNow. “So we need our voice to outweigh theirs, and what we’d like is more accuracy and more transparency and more accountability in the administration of the TV ratings.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas