One Million Moms Calls Out Cottonelle for Inappropriate Commercials Featuring Homosexual Couple and Children

A parent’s advocacy group is taking issue with TV ads that are using homosexuals to sell a household bathroom product.

Cottonelle has aired several commercials over the years that are inappropriate according to Monica Cole of One Million Moms, but a couple of recent ads have stood above the rest.

Cole says one ad features a homosexual couple while another features children being encouraged to talk about how clean their privates feel.

“One Million Moms is currently asking Cottonelle to pull both of these commercials and just remain neutral on controversial issues such as homosexuality,” she says, “but also be extremely cautious when casting minors in commercials, particularly those exploiting children in talking about how they feel because in the world we live in pedophiles are lurking.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas