How a Small Georgia Town Devastated by Tornado Is Holding Onto Hope

It’s a typical Sunday morning for Powell Missionary Baptist Church. The choir is in place, the ushers are pointing people in the right direction and the mood of the congregation is just as upbeat as its young Pastor Vinton Copeland, who exudes with love and enthusiasm for his people.

The feeling is mutual from the congregation, who seems to not only to like but deeply respect and love their pastor. There’s only one thing out of place and that’s what’s happening outside of the church in the small town of Talbotton, Georgia.

According to the National Weather Service, this small town endured a category EF-3 tornado last Sunday after church.

“I had just left the church and was visiting family members, when all of a sudden a roaring sound came out of nowhere,” Copeland shared.

He would realize later that he had experienced the worst tornado to come through the small town that he was born and raised in. Copeland can remember walking out of the family member’s house that he was visiting, to sirens and people crying, not knowing what to do next.

“It looked like a war zone, as the rain was still coming down,” the pastor said.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. It is night and day compared to the trauma that the people of Powell Missionary had gone through. By the energy in the room, you wouldn’t know that an EF-3 tornado had touched down a week ago.

If one were to walk into Powell Missionary Baptist Church, they would see how the members love each other and the guests who come to visit. When I visited the Georgia-based church I was welcomed by the choir enthusiastically singing “God, made a way” and then by member Willie George Epps’s testimony which highlighted this truth. Epps told the congregation about how God had prepared him before the tornado by waking him up in the middle of the night to pray for the last two weeks.

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Source: Christian Headlines