Former Student Shares How Her Professor Convinced Her to Become an Atheist Before Coming Back to Christianity

A former college student shares how her college professor convinced her to turn away from Christianity and become an atheist.

In a commentary for The Blaze written by Samantha Sullivan, the now 29-year-old shares the story of how her college professor “preyed” upon her and her classmates, convincing her to become an atheist for almost two years.

Sullivan was an incoming Freshman enrolled in a pre-college summer program at the University of Texas at El Paso when one of her first professors walked into the room proclaiming, “God is bulls**t.”

While Sullivan was raised in the church and had always loved God, she found the professor’s justification to be “rational, detailed, and persuasive.” She said, “He had decades more education and experience than me, and to me, an 18-year-old incoming freshman student, this professor represented the ultimate authority.”

Sullivan continued, “College professors have the power to shape the minds and beliefs of thousands of young men and women every year. And on college campuses that are increasingly and overwhelmingly secular and hostile to religion, many of those professors wield that authority to rob students of their faith.”

After losing sight of her faith, the then “trusting, naive, young, and idealistic” 18-year-old said she began to spiral.

In an interview with Faithwire, Sullivan said she began working as a cocktail waitress, binge drinking, failing her classes and arguing with her roommate – someone Sullivan described as a “bad influence.”

The young adult even changed her “religion status” on Myspace from Christian to Atheists. According to CBN News, Sullivan shared that her family had noticed her behavior change and were worried about her, but they did not know what was going on. She explained, “My family was worried about me, but I don’t think my mom realized what had happened.”

One day, more than a year later, however, after the culmination of bad decisions and difficult arguments, Sullivan said she simply woke up and knew she had to change her life.

Sullivan said, “I just remember being at my low point and thinking this can’t continue. The next day I woke up, and I didn’t tell anyone about anything, and I went to church by myself.”

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Source: Christian Headlines