Christian UK Judge Appeals Ruling That Banned Him From Director Role After He Said Children Do Best With a Father and Mother

A judge who was barred from a director role for saying that children do best with a father and mother can now appeal the ruling.

According to Christian Concern, Richard Page has appealed a previous decision that said he could not go back to his director role at a National Health Service trust because of his statement. His appeal has not been ruled upon yet.

In 2014, Page told two other magistrates in a closed-door session: “wherever possible, children do best with a mother and a father.”

Someone reported Page’s comments and after 15 years serving as a magistrate in Kent, he was barred from sitting as a magistrate until he received “equality training,” according to a report.

Later, he granted an interview to the BBC to explain his position, but in 2016, he was removed from the role.

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Source: Christian Headlines