Alex McFarland Praises African United Methodist Bishop Who Gave Passionate Speech Against Homosexual-Friendly Compromise at General Conference as a ‘Prophetic Voice’

The Rev. Jerry Paye-Manfloe Kulah, a clergy delegate from the Liberia Conference, speaks to the United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Ore., on May 12. (Photo Credit: Paul Jeffrey/UMNS)

Wise words from an African bishop in the United Methodist Church may have saved the day for the denomination, says a Christian apologist.

“A very good spark of truth” is how Dr. Alex McFarland describes Dr. Jerry Kulah’s speech at the General Conference in St. Louis.

OneNewsNow reported in a Feb. 27 story that UMC delegates narrowly defeated LGBT activists in their midst by voting 438-384 for the “Traditional Plan” over the “One Church Plan,” a homosexual-friendly compromise in the already-fractured denomination.

The same story suggested Kulah could have helped the “Traditional Plan” win days later after delivering an impassioned speech at an UMC breakfast, where he vowed that African Methodists would stand for biblical truth despite pressure from fellow Methodists to compromise or lose funding.

Kulah, who leads a theology school in Liberia, all but laughed at the financial threats after his poor country has endured civil war and the Ebola virus.

“Please understand me,” he said, “when I say the vast majority of African United Methodists will never, ever trade Jesus and the truth of the Bible for money.”

When people look back at the UMC event, McFarland says, it will go down in church history as the time a “prophetic voice” came from the UMC.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas