Five More Tornadoes Rip Through the South

A new round of severe weather ripped through the southern United States over the weekend but with fewer reports of injuries after fatal tornadoes killed 23 people a week ago. 

At least five tornadoes were confirmed: three in northwest Louisiana, one in central Arkansas and one in northern Mississippi. All were rated EF1 by the National Weather Service, on the weaker end of the tornado intensity scale.

But weather radar showed other possible tornado activity from eastern Texas to western Tennessee, so that number could climb as authorities assess the damage Sunday.

The tornadoes and high winds destroyed mobile homes, crushed cars and wiped away farm buildings. Two people were reported injured in Arkansas.

Prairie County Sheriff Rick Hickman in Arkansas said several buildings were destroyed, power lines were brought down and at least one home was damaged.

“It was more than straight-line winds. One of the shops, it had debris strewn over 2 miles, (another) one of them was just twisted in a big twist with metal on top of automobiles that were in there,” Hickman said.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Gregory Korte and Dalvin Brown