Utah Teacher Apologizes to Fourth-Grade Student for Forcing Him to Wipe Off Ash Wednesday Cross on His Forehead

William McLeod stands in front of a crucifix in this picture taken by his grandmother, Karen Fisher.

A teacher in Utah has apologized to a fourth-grade student whom she ordered to remove the ash cross that was on his forehead for Ash Wednesday.

William McLeod of Bountiful, Utah, went to school Wednesday with an ash cross on his forehead that he had received earlier that morning at church.

“A lot of students asked me what it is. I said, ‘I’m Catholic. It’s the first day of Lent. It’s Ash Wednesday,’” McLeod told local news outlet FOX13.

He was the only one in his class with the ashes on his forehead.

William attempted to explain what it meant to his teacher but she required him to wipe it off and handed him a disinfecting wipe.

After hearing about what happened, the school’s principal phoned McLeod’s family to apologize.

“I was pretty upset,” said Karen Fisher, McLeod’s grandmother.

“I asked her if she read the Constitution with the First Amendment, and she said, No,” Fisher said, recounting the conversation she had with the teacher who had ordered her grandson to remove the cross from his forehead.

The school district has also apologized, saying every student should be welcomed regardless of their faith.

“Why that even came up, I have no idea,” said Chris Williams, a school district spokesperson.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter