Tennessee Pastor Shares How 40,000 Christians Prayed for Every Single Resident in Nashville by Name After He Chose to Surrender to God

Pastor Dave Clayton / Credit: Ethos Church

A Tennessee pastor who specializes in church planting shared how he was able to coordinate about 40,000 Christians from more than 400 Nashville area churches to pray for every single resident of the city by name.

Dave Clayton, founder of Ethos Church in Nashville and leader of the group Onward Church Planting, spoke at the Exponential Conference Wednesday at First Baptist Orlando in Florida.

Clayton talked about how a decade ago he and some friends planted a church. By its fifth birthday, the church had grown and had planted churches of its own.

Despite this major success, Clayton told the Exponential crowd that following a major gathering of the congregations, he recalled God calling him to do more.

“And He said, ‘Dave, I didn’t call you to gather a crowd. I called you to penetrate a crowd and then transform a crowd and then release a crowd not just for the city but for the nation and the nations,’” said Clayton.

Clayton talked about how he and his family had “a crazy journey of surrender” as he and the other leaders reassessed how Ethos was organized and how they made decisions.

“All of the people except our closest friends thought we were losing our minds. ‘Dave’s having a mental breakdown. They’re burning out, they’re leaving the church. What’s going on?’” explained Clayton.

“And I go, No, for the first time you’re seeing a leader who is under the authority of a true Senior Pastor and He’s calling the shots.”

From there, Clayton was inspired to coordinate a massive prayer effort to get as many local churches as possible to pray and fast for every single citizen of Nashville by name.

Some churches protested the idea, noting that churches were “competitive” with one another. But he responded that he was “just walking in obedience.” Eventually, more than 400 churches across the Nashville area signed on.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski