Huge Alligator Gar Pulled from New Orleans Park Lagoon

Officials at a park outside of New Orleans, Lousiana, pulled a large, deceased alligator gar from a lagoon this week.

The creature was removed from the lagoon at Lafreniere Park in Metairie.

While it’s not clear how long the fish was dead, a spokesperson for the park told Fox News on Saturday that the alligator gar was discovered after park employees smelled a foul odor and eventually tracked the smell to the fish.

The lagoon, which is 14-acres in size and 16-feet deep in some areas, is “connected to a drainage canal via large concrete pipes. We believe the fish got into our lagoon that way,” the spokesperson said, describing the odor coming from the fish as “stomach-turning.”

The park later took to Facebook with images of the large fish.

“Welp. Scratching swim nude in Lafreniere Park off my bucket list,” one person joked in response.

“What is that?!! Did a fish and an alligator mate? Omg, that’s scary and it’s so big. Is it a fish? What type with a mouth so big?” another commented.

“That thing has been dead for a while,” a third said.

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SOURCE: Fox News, by Madeline Farber