Do Not be Ignorant of the Devil’s Devices, Part 4

In this four-part series, we have been able to follow a long and well thought out plan spanning several decades to expose the devil’s strategic deceiving of mankind. Being three quarters of the way there however, the deadliest end imaginable both physically and spiritually still remains to be exposed. I believe God is going to reveal through this article the fast track to the end times and how this road to demonic deception has been leading rapidly to the end of the ages.

If turning this nation from Christian to pagan was Satan’s total goal he could pretty much retire now. Everything he has done to date has polluted terribly the moral fabric of this once great country. Americans for a large part, have been successfully turned into self-worshipping narcissistic gods. The introduction of secular humanism in the schools created the perfect soil to sew the seeds of a being alive to self and dead to Christ mindset, which of course is the exact opposite of the Scriptures.

However, the devil was not done yet. Having laid the foundation of witchcraft and a focus on the supernatural and pseudo spirituality Satan began to set in progress something much bigger. He recognized the necessity to plan for the future and laid the groundwork for the worship of the Anti-Christ and his Beast. Please realize this fact. Satan by all accounts, paintings, revelations, experiences, and even suggested in the teaching of the Scripture is a hideous looking creature. In his curse for trying to overthrow heaven and being cast down to earth I believe he went from being the most beautiful of all the angels and possibly even more beautiful than what God’s creation of man would be, to being made ugly and grotesque. Although he can transform himself into an angel of light his true appearance is repulsive. How in the world could you ever get humans with a natural eye for beauty to be willing to worship a hideous looking demonic creature?

Star Wars came on the scene in 1977 with the movie “A New Hope.” By this time going to the movies had developed into one of America’s favorite pastimes. Other fantasy television programs such as “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek” had been around for several years at that point. However the creator and producer of the Star Wars series, George Lucas brought several new advances towards realism to the big screen. Many people do not know that his was the first movie to implement fast clip changes throughout the whole movie. If you watch even the first Star Wars movie start counting the moment a new clip of video footage comes up. Approximately every two and a half seconds the scene changes which grabs our attention intensely. Star Wars movie making became a new standard for movies everywhere. Psychologists who study how children learn actually noted this in some studies concerning the attention span of America’s youth. They discovered that this new visual technique had such a powerful affect on human minds that it actually had the ability to make more normal paced classroom instruction boring!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness