A Nation Turned Upside Down is a Serious Matter

Most people can appreciate a practical joke. Some people are really good at setting them up.

During Hollywood’s golden years, there was a fellow in the film industry who was probably the best that there has ever been at practical jokes. Writer and movie director Jack McDermott would go to great lengths to pull off a good one.

One of his favorite gags was to take his guests for a ride in his Model T. Ford into the mountains of California, where he would careen around curves at terrifying speeds. When his guests would protest for fear of their lives, he would yank the steering wheel from the column and throw it over the mountainside while still driving. The panic-stricken passenger was unaware McDermott had installed foot controls for steering.

McDermott also lived in a house with secret places, sliding panels, and specially designed rooms for his antics.

One featured room was hidden and upside down. The rugs and furniture were attached to the ceiling. The drapes and pictures, along with the fireplace, were upside down. Even the floor had a chandelier that extended straight up from its center. If a house guest had too much to drink at one of his wild house parties, McDermott would take the drunken individual to that upside down room and place him on the floor to sleep it off. You can imagine what it was like to wake up in there.

When we look around at our country today, many of us feel like we are waking up in an upside down room. Seemingly everything has become topsy-turvy.

Here are a few recent happenings that I noticed which appear to demonstrate the point.

Some states dominated by the Democratic Party have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which means these states intend to circumvent the Electoral College and award the results of a Presidential election to the popular vote. But in North Carolina, my home state, a Democratic Judge knocked down the votes of 4 million people who were in favor of two state constitutional amendments, one which provided for a cap on state taxes and the other which required a photo ID for casting a ballot. Democrats in the state have been supporting the Judge’s terrible ruling. Why instead haven’t Democrats at home and across the country, who believe every vote should count, decried the Judge’s decision?

This seems upside down to me.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Rev. Mark H. Creech