What’s Going On? Black Man Collecting Trash From His Own Yard Is Confronted by at Least 5 Cops Yelling at Him to ‘Put Down Your Weapon’ Even Though He Was Only Carrying a Litter-picker


Distressing video has revealed how a black man was confronted by at least five police officers while picking up trash outside his own house in Colorado.

Footage taken from inside the home in Boulder shows the man, Zayd Atkinson, having an angry conversation with an officer on Friday morning.

Boulder police have now launched an investigation after the video caused fury when it was posted online, and say the officer who initially confronted the man has been put on administrative leave.

As the video starts, Zayd can be heard telling one cop, who has his gun drawn and pointed at the ground, that he has ‘no right’ to be detaining him.

Meanwhile the cop can be heard shouting back at him to ‘put down the weapon’, referring to the litter-picker in his hand.