There’s a Devil Loose: Fmr. Dallas Cowboys Practice Player Anthony McClanahan Accused of Stabbing Wife to Death, Appeared to Fake a Seizure When Officers Arrived

Anthony McClanahan (Salt Lake County Jail)
Anthony McClanahan (Salt Lake County Jail)

A onetime NFL hopeful originally told his cellmate that two strangers had killed his wife at a Park City condo, but he let on differently one night in the Salt Lake County Jail.

That’s according to testimony Tuesday during a preliminary hearing for Anthony McClanahan, who is charged with murder.

When another inmate started yelling, an annoyed McClanahan paced and threatened to cut the man’s throat “like I cut that (expletive’s) throat,” employing a derogatory term toward women, according to his cellmate.

McClanahan later revealed he had stabbed Keri “KC” McClanahan 16 to 20 times, nearly decapitating her, using a paracord knife she carried, his former cellmate Michael Bell testified Tuesday in Park City’s 3rd District Court.

“He thought that she was messing around with his family friend,” Bell said.

Judge Patrick Corum ordered McClanahan, 47, to stand trial for murder after testimony from a detective and three Park City police officers who arrived at the condo to find Keri McClanahan, 28, in a pool of blood in November 2017. Corum ruled there was enough evidence for the case to advance, even without Bell’s testimony.

“Clearly, without question, this was a homicide, and there is a reasonable inference Mr. McClanahan was the one who committed it,” the judge said.

Bell testified that his cellmate was frustrated with his wife because she had appeared thinner like she was partying and doing drugs, and that she had borrowed money from McClanahan’s dad to pay bills but used if for something else.

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SOURCE: Annie Knox
Deseret News