WATCH: Cold Case Detective and Former Atheist J. Warner Wallace Says He is a Christian Because of ‘Data’ Found in the Bible and Not ‘Because It Works for Me’

A detective and former atheist who specializes in dealing with cold cases professed that he’s a Christian because of the “data” in the Bible and not “because it works for me.”

J. Warner Wallace, a former homicide cold case detective and senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, gave a presentation Saturday as part of an apologetics conference held at Lakes Free Church in Lindstrom, Minnesota.

After describing the various arguments in favor of the reliability of the Gospels from a cold case detective’s perspective, Wallace told those gathered that it was the evidence that directed him to Christianity rather than hitting a personal low.

“When you ask me ‘why are you a Christian?’ I try to be careful about this. I’m not a Christian because it works for me. I’m not. I’m a Christian because of all this data,” he said, pointing to a slide that outlined his earlier points.

Wallace described how various methods connected to cold case investigations could be used to vindicate the Bible. These included analyzing the witness testimonies of the Gospel writers and the extent to which they changed over time. Or in this case, the lack of change of the Gospel accounts over the years.

“I didn’t have something that I was trying to fix when I became a Christian. I had a great life before becoming a Christian. I know a lot of people have transformation stories. I get that. But I wasn’t drinking and carousing and beating my wife and then Jesus cleaned up my life. That was not my story.”

He went on to explain that he and his wife, Susie, were married in 1979 and were together for 18 years before either of them converted. They’ve been wedded 22 more years since then.

“If you ask Susie which of those two brackets was easier, she will always tell you the first 18 was easier,” Wallace said.

“Why? Because it’s easy to throw the dart against the wall and just go draw the bullseye wherever the dart lands. And that was our life the first 18 years. … Now the target is pre-drawn and it’s a high standard.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski