There’s a Dark Shadow Over Columbus, Georgia: The 2018-19 Unsolved Killings No One Wants to Talk About

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It’s what authorities don’t know about 10 of Columbus’ 41 homicides over the past 14 months that most worries them.

They don’t know much, in some cases, and why they don’t know much is no secret. The people who know what happened aren’t talking.

It has become a trend, investigators say. They get to a fatal shooting with multiple witnesses, yet no one will admit they saw it.

“We know we have witnesses at the scene, and we end up with people going, ‘I don’t know anything; I didn’t see anything’ – double-digit witnesses at some times, and they don’t know anything, and that’s one of the things our investigators are struggling with,” said Assistant Police Chief Gil Slouchick.

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Source: Ledger-Enquirer