Mother of Girl Who Thinks She is a Boy Speaks Out About the Manipulation and Lies Gender Therapist Told Her

A mother whose daughter started believing she was a boy four years ago is speaking out about the many layers of manipulation she encountered at the hands of a gender therapist and through widespread misinformation about transgender medical practices.

For Doreen Smith (not her real name), the ordeal has been an ongoing, torturous nightmare. The Christian Post met Smith in person last month and has verified her story with other reputable sources. This report uses pseudonyms for her and her daughter and has removed other identifying details to maintain their anonymity.

Parents such as Smith who do not agree with or support their children’s belief that they are the opposite sex risk legal repercussions, including being reported to Child Protective Services, should their names be revealed.

Smith’s daughter, Michelle (a pseudonym we’re using here to protect her identity),  announced that she believed she was really a boy when she was 14 years old, after having seen a presentation about transgenderism at her suburban Philadelphia high school.

As a mother, she spent a year hoping it was a phase that would go away. Her daughter’s therapist at the time had no idea what to do. They both avoided the issue, but it only got worse. It was only after she sought the help of so-called experts that she became outwardly supportive of her daughter’s transgender identity as a boy.

Little did she know then that she would subsequently have a change of heart upon realizing, in utter horror, that she had been systematically misled by many people and institutions she had trusted with her daughter’s mental health and well-being. Ever since, she has been relentlessly fighting to get her back from the many forces entangling her in layer upon layer of delusion and severe confusion about her body.

“When this first happened, it made no sense,” Smith said, explaining her bewilderment in an interview with CP.

She soon began to search for information but the only seemingly credible voices she found all told her to affirm her daughter as her son immediately. Smith and her husband questioned how they ought to proceed, not knowing what this was or what to do as their daughter grew increasingly hostile and continued to insist she was male. Their relationship was rapidly souring and they had nowhere to go for help.

Distressed and flabbergasted, Smith contacted 10 different therapists who, like the online resources she had reviewed, all told her she needed to start calling her daughter by her new, chosen masculine name, Mike, in addition to speaking with her using her preferred male pronouns.

Her daughter’s sudden announcement had shocked Smith, as it came out of nowhere, and all the professional voices they sought out said that by the time children reach their daughter’s age, they know who they are. After her relationship with Michelle deteriorated, she and her husband finally decided to visit a local clinic staffed with therapists who specialized in transgender issues and took the professional advice she was given there. Smith ultimately capitulated and started going along with her daughter’s new self-identification.

“I outwardly told people that this was my son. I went in public with her identifying her as my son. I purchased my daughter a breast binder. [And] I allowed her to make all of the changes I was coerced into making because I was told she was at high risk of suicide if she didn’t do these things,” she explained.

Smith went so far as to march in a trans-celebratory parade with her to show her support and would tell other people that her daughter’s transition was not to be questioned — including those who dared to express some skepticism and concerns. Privately, however, Smith’s gut instincts about how wrong this seemed and other doubts she had were mounting, but she felt she had to keep pretending this was the right thing to do.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter