How the Internet Has Impacted the Modern Generation

The Dawn of the Internet

Today, life is very different. The human race has experienced numerous changes with the introduction of the internet in society. In the realm of communication, people view it as the best mode of conversing. The internet has become the center of everything. Some people even joke that the earth is no longer rotating on its own axis but rather on the internet.

Currently, most of the tasks are accomplished using this World Wide Web. For instance, people order meals, buy household gadgets, send pictures to friends, and discuss business matters online. Before the dawn of the internet, if you wanted to keep up-to-date with the news, you would have to wait until the newsstand guy had opened and bought the local paper.

At the moment, an internet connection is enough to keep you on the know. The latest news is a click away. You no longer have to buy the daily edition since news sources update their content each minute. Practically, the modern person has been given more power. However, this power is at times misused by various groups and individuals, especially in abusing privacy.

Impact on the Person of Today

Positive Impacts

Easy access to knowledge

Any kid who has grown up in the age of technology has enjoyed the learning process since they have unlimited access to knowledge. Any scholar can study at their own pace and learning is more interactive. With the internet, you can find the answer to any question in seconds.

Also, almost every college student turns to thesis writing sites like PapersOwl for help with assignments. Unlike the student of yesterday, the current college kid uses less effort to do assignments. They can easily get help whenever they are stuck with schoolwork.

Access to information

With news being updated every instant, everyone remains updated with events as they take place. Sometime back, getting to know about a particular happening was a bit difficult. Today, the internet has made it possible for you to gather every detail within a short while.

Easier communication

The internet has transformed the way people communicate. Reaching the other person is now easier and faster. With email services, social media chats and instant messaging, communicating is seamless.

Development and Improved Living Standards

With online jobs, online marketing, online banking and faster communication, the globe has experienced tremendous growth. Everyday life continues to change for the better because of the internet, and the economy keeps growing.

Negative effects

Wrong Socializing

Currently, social media sites and applications like Facebook and WhatsApp are the best avenues to find and connect with friends. These friends contribute very little to life problems and actual happiness. The artificial friendship seen on Facebook changes very little about the practical world.

It is very difficult for a friend on any social media platform to help you solve any life problem. They may be miles away and cannot contribute in any way when you need their services at your vicinity. Instead of building friendships within the neighborhood, the modern person concentrates on expanding their friends’ list online. It takes real problems to teach them that the individual living next door is more important than the social media user.

Over-reliance on the Internet

Kids use the internet to research almost everything. In school, instead of turning to books, they rely on Google to find information on any topic. Despite being easily accessible, it can be misleading. The data collected online is not always factual. It is possible to read about a topic for hours only to realize you were wasting your time in the end because the content is not accurate.

Young people also tend to turn to the internet for personal problems. They at times end up making mistakes that can’t be reversed, especially if they gather wrong intel or bad advice. Most of the people on the net care less about what you are going through and will say anything to get rid of you. To them, you are just a person who they talk to when they are free. The relationship is fake and meaningless.

Impact on health

Because of internet addiction, the current generation spends more time in front of computer screens and smartphones. People don’t even bother to go out to eat because the pizza guy is just a click away. By doing so, less time is spent on physical activities. Household chores are easily done using machines, thereby, making the current human being very lazy.

The inactive lifestyle increases obesity and strains of eyes. Sleeping patterns are interrupted, and a scenario where there are more cases of depression, as well as isolation, is created. Less human contact induces loneliness and lack of emotional connection exposing people to dangerous activities like drug abuse and suicide.

Negative Psychological Impact

Most individuals, especially young people are affected psychologically. There are numerous online video games with violence and foul language. Some online content also glorifies suicide acts, makes gangs look cooler and exposes people to disturbing images. All these things taint and confuse young minds. Additionally, online bullying and insults destroy self-esteem causing people to feel bad about themselves. It also erodes self-confidence.

Final Verdict

Despite changing the world positively, the internet has also hurt the modern generation. Some of its positives include increased access to knowledge, more creativity, faster and efficient communication, and better relationships. The drawbacks include over-reliance on the internet, poor morals, emotional frustration and poor health.

The bottom line is that having the internet in the modern era has changed lives both positively and negatively. However, the internet can be all good if people learn how to limit their time online and decide to use it for decent purposes.