How Science is Proving Darwinism Wrong

On November 24th, 1859, Darwin published his book, On the Origin of Species. Hailed as a revolutionary way of explaining the diversity of life on earth, Darwin posited natural selection as the mechanism which caused complex body plans to evolve from a singled-celled organism. His theory, though beautifully elegant, has undergone harsh criticism in the academic community, and it looks as though natural selection itself, may be unfit for survival.   

In 2016, members of the Royal Society of London met to discuss the call for revisions to the standard theory of evolution. Distinguished evolutionary theorist Gerd B. Müller, who led the first talk of the conference, states: “The theory largely avoids the question of how the complex organizations of organismal structure, physiology, development or behavior – whose variation it describes – actually arise in evolution”. What Müller points out is that natural selection is great at explaining why small changes occur in organisms. Superbly Woolly sheep might survive in cold climates better than sheep with thin coats of wool, and death (natural selection) will slowly weed out the thinly coated sheep. What natural selection cannot account for is complex changes, like how a single-celled organism could evolve into a jellyfish, or monkey, or anything other than a single-celled organism.

Although I never made the leap to believe that human beings came from monkeys, some Christians do, and I always figured there was at least something behind the fuss of evolution. That’s why I was somewhat shocked to learn that after 160 years, the scientific evidence shows that Darwinian evolution cannot account for complex body plans at all. 160 years is a long time, and though Neo-Darwinism is dogma for many, the evidence against Darwin’s theory is growing like a snowball going down a hill. One critically damning clue in the case, which lay people like myself can understand, is the information in DNA.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeff Morris