Eight Year Old Boy Finds Mammoth Tooth Bigger Than His Fist Dating Back 40,000 Years Along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset

An eight-year-old school boy has made a rare discovery along Dorset’s ‘Jurassic’ Coast.

The boy found a giant tooth belonging to a woolly mammoth on Charmouth beach, in an area famous for dinosaur finds from the Jurassic period 200 million years ago.

Woolly mammoth lived 40,000 years ago during the Ice Age, rather than during the Jurassic period, making the find somewhat of a rarity.

It could reveal more about the type of animals that roamed the area and may point to more recent activity on the coast than previously suspected, scientists say.

The avid young archaeologist, only known as Sebastian, found a tooth of a woolly mammoth while scouring the coastline with a group of other fossil hunters.

The tooth is bigger than his fist and was found on Charmouth Beach while the group was was taking part in one of Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre’s fossil walks.

Woolly mammoths were 15ft tall and bigger than elephants that lived in the Ice Age which gradually died out and became extinct.

Professor Danielle Schreve, Royal Holloway University of London and patron of Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, said ‘It is part of a mammoth molar – I think although it is hard to tell from the photo.