Do Not be Ignorant of the Devil’s Devices, Part 3

From the mid-fifties to the early sixties, post World War II American society all unaware, was subjected to a new onslaught of the evil one. The enemy of our souls, with his demonic fallen angel’s wisdom, stepped in to take full advantage of, and further cloud the minds of the upcoming generation. His plan here was threefold. Number one to distract minds away from previous revivals. Number two, to keep warfare going, in the churches. Then number three is to collectively so clutter the minds and schedules of each current generation that they literally become too busy for spiritual things.

As a result of the trauma of  World War I, the Great Depression, and then, within a reasonably short time in history World War II, there was suddenly born in the hearts and minds of the desire to build strong happy family units. Someone said: “America needed to laugh again” as it had sown so many tears in the past few decades. Until that time were simply hard working providers, with little time or money for fun. A large percentage of mothers were stay at home moms, and there was a strong moral carryover from the powerful revivals and life transforming messages of the late 1800’s. In his strategy to change this from a Christian nation which starting with our earliest settlers with a firm and Godly foundation, to a pagan nation the master of deception immediately jumped on this convenient bandwagon!

How do you get an entire nation to accept something that they never would have accepted before? “Grandma and Grandpa didn’t do it, Mom and Dad didn’t do it, and  we are not going to do it either” was the norm in America. Whatever the “it” was, if it was any type of questionable moral practice, most families then prevented it from coming into their homes!

Hitler used promises of prosperity within a crushed economy, promising a car in every driveway and a chicken in every pot to get people to change their views and accepting his corrupt philosophies. During other times in history, tyrannical dictators used fear tactics to cause people to cave into a new way of thinking, that was different from that of their forefathers. However, during this time in our American culture Satan simply made the immoral funny, and it worked.

Witchcraft, for example, would have never been accepted in the forties and fifties but in 1964 the “Addams Family” and the same year “The Munsters” on ABC made formally “horror” type characters funny, and for a couple of years both shows were a big success. Satanism invaded our living rooms.  Magic, spells, witches, warlocks, ghosts, etc. were the norm on every show, mixed with a lot of slapstick humor, what was once scary, and even considered evil by millions quickly became cute and funny.

Within the same time window and again ironically on ABC, another program started called “Bewitched” and aired for eight years. In this show a New York City ad executive falls in love and gets married to a woman whom he soon discovers is a practicing witch.  Then in 1965 NBC created a program called “I Dream of Jeannie” which ran for five years. Its story line had a military officer find a bottle on an island, in which released the beautiful and scantily dressed genie named Jeannie. Jeannie always wanted to do anything to please her master. It quickly became a huge hit among middle aged American men. Keep in mind Satan’s behind the scenes goal was to lay a foundation to get a post revival nation to accept the practices of witchcraft. He had long range plans to deceive us with what the old time Christians used to call the “One eyed devil” in everyone’s living room.

It’s been said tongue and cheek “Sometimes God says “Satan you go first.” Although the enemy was laying out his best plans God was about to move.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness