Blasphemous New Comic ‘Jesusfreak’ Depicts Jesus Christ as Bloody Killer Who Beheads His Enemies With a Sword

The publisher behind “The Walking Dead” will soon release its latest graphic novel, “Jesusfreak,” which characterizes Jesus Christ as a savage killer who beheads his enemies with a whirling sword.

Hitting shelves March 20 — mid-way through Lent — the controversial comic is described as “a bloody, two-fisted tale of historical heroic fiction featuring a young Nazarene carpenter who is having some trouble finding his place within the violent world around him.”

From writer Joe Casey and artist Benjamin Marra, one scene in the comic depicts the Son of God slicing his enemies’ heads off, which are discarded in a blood-soaked pile on the floor, according to a Deadline preview of the book.

Casey told that the project “doesn’t spring from any religious background or any personal experiences,” adding: “Honestly if I worship anything, it’s the comic books that I read as a kid that inspired me to do this for a living. Those are what hold a lot of magic for me.”

When writing the novel, Casey said he “never went to the Bible for any kind of reference material.”

“I didn’t have to,” he said. “For one thing, the period we’re dealing with concerns the years of Jesus’ life that aren’t really covered in the Bible, the pre-ministry Jesus. So we’re not retelling or even referencing the gospels in any way, shape or form. Besides, the gospels are basically campfire stories. And where the gospels are meant to illustrate a certain religious ethos, what we’re doing in JesusFreak is much more visceral, while at the same time more historically accurate. We’re dealing with myth and metaphor in a very different way.”

Casey further explained in a statement that “Jesusfreak” is “less inspired by any strict religious traditions and is instead more concerned with exploring the unique tension that exists between depicting a mythical figure and a historical figure – a tension that is compounded when, for many, they’re considered the same person. It’s also a chance for Marra and I to indulge in a specific style of hard pulp storytelling that we think perfectly fits this material.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett