Utah’s Legislature Passes Bill Banning Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies

Utah’s state Legislature passed a bill Thursday banning abortion solely based on a Down syndrome diagnosis.

The Down Syndrome Nondiscrimination Abortion Act, also known as HB166, includes exceptions for incest, rape, and medical emergencies that put the mother’s life at risk. It’s now headed to the desk of Republican Gov. Gary Herbert who hasn’t said whether he will sign it or not, according to KSL radio.

The bill also comes with a “trigger” provision stipulating that it would not become law, if signed of the governor, until after a court rules on its constitutional standing.

“This is somewhat of a message bill from the standpoint that we are saying if that is the reason that you want an abortion, that is probably not a good reason,” Herbert said.

The governor said he thinks the bill comes with some legal protection because it will not become law until other states have tested it and it’s deemed constitutional.

“(That) takes some of the risk out of it,” Herbert said.

The final vote in the state Senate was 20-6, with every Democratic senator voting against and every Republican voting in favor of the bill.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter