It Looks Like Mainstream Media Can’t be Bothered With Reporting on Senate Democrats Voting Against Protecting Babies from Infanticide

Most of the nation was horrified and incensed earlier this week when the U.S. Senate couldn’t muster the moral conviction to protect babies from infanticide. However, the major broadcast news outlets couldn’t be bothered to report on it.

While pro-lifers, conservatives, and a good number of liberals railed against Monday’s Senate vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S.311), Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor says ABC, NBC, and CBS barely covered it – and even then got it wrong.

“The problem here is when journalists admit this darned vote even took place, they lie about it,” he tells OneNewsNow. “That means either the networks [end up] ignoring it completely or some journalists coming out and saying Oh, it’s an abortion vote.”

The cloture vote in the Senate (53-44) failed to gain the 60 votes needed to end Democratic delaying tactics that were aimed at derailing the measure.

Gainor explains that Senate Bill 311 did nothing to change existing abortion laws or restrict anyone’s ability to have one or even perform an abortion. Instead, he says, it relied on a non-controversial, 150-year-old constitutional amendment.

“If you give birth … whether through deliberate or accidental circumstances, you have given birth to an American citizen,” he describes. “If you end that life at that point, you are – in my opinion – committing murder.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Steve Jordahl