Two Young Girls, Missing in Texas, Returned Safely Home

KHOU 11 has learned two girls who were reported missing earlier this week from the Alief area have been found safe.

Family members say Mary Tran Le and Tianny Granja are back home as of late Thursday evening.

Private investigators say an anonymous woman spotted the two girls after seeing news coverage about them. The woman convinced the pair to get in her car and tell her where they lived.

The woman dropped them off at one of their homes just after 9 p.m., one of the mothers said. The mother said the anonymous woman did not want to deal with police and then took off.

Investigators say they believe the girls ran away.

The two left their homes around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday with their backpacks on. Mary was last seen in the 8300 block of Wilcrest. Tianny was last seen not far away in the 8300 block of Cinnamon Lane.

The young girls should have gone to their bus stop outside their apartment complex near Wilcrest and Beechnut. Instead, neither girl got on the bus or made it to school.

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SOURCE: Jaime E. Galvan, Doug Delony, Josh Marshall
KIII TV South Texas