Florida Doctor Warns Parents About Suicide Tips Being Hidden in YouTube Cartoon Videos

A Florida doctor is warning parents about how cartoons on YouTube are being used to target and expose children to suicidal ideas and tips.

Dr. Free Hess, a pediatrician based in Gainesville, recently took to her blog to warn about a cartoon posted on the Google-owned, user-generated video hosting platform that had a clip spliced in the middle featuring an adult male demonstrating for kids how to cut their wrists.

“Remember kids: sideways for attention, longways for results,” the man says in the clip.

He then points at the camera and shouts, ‘End it!’

The video comes after Hess had previously spoken out about the same clip being spliced into a cartoon on the YouTube Kids app several months back. That clip was removed from the app after she pointed it out.

But Hess was alerted more recently about another cartoon video — this time posted to YouTube — that had a similar clip spliced in. Comments below the video showed that people were complaining about the video for as long as eight months. At the time of Hess’ blog post, the video still hadn’t been removed by YouTube.

However, in the days following the blog post and ensuing media attention, YouTube removed the video and deemed it violated YouTube’s terms of service.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, 0Samuel Smith