Comedian Jeff Allen Shares What Led Him to Leave Atheism and His Destructive Lifestyle and Embrace God

Comedian Jeff Allen has long been making audiences roar with laughter, but those who have gotten to know the funny man’s personal story have also walked away totally inspired. Allen, who broke into the standup world decades ago, once struggled with drugs and alcohol before leaving that life behind, rejecting his atheistic worldview and embracing God.

Today, Allen — a fixture on the “Make Comedy Great Again” tour — is well-known for his safe, family-friendly routines. But he was once not so buttoned up, revealing on a recent episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast” that he started cleaning up his language years ago after his son got in trouble at school for cursing.

The comedian, who has starred in’s “Pure Flix Comedy All-Stars” and “Apostles of Comedy,” realized that his son’s reprimand meant that he, too, needed to come up with a plan to watch what was coming out of his own mouth.

“I started paying [my son] a quarter for every cuss word he heard come out of my mouth,” Allen said, noting that he “got tired of paying him” and eventually decided to watch his mouth.

That was all part of Allen’s journey to cleaning up his act and finding faith — with the latter part of the process taking him seven or eight years to complete. Listen at the 4:50-mark to hear Allen reveal what led him out of atheism and into belief:–Chris-Pratts-Faith–More-e374mk/a-aafioe

“Someone asked me once, ‘What did you do before you had a family?’” Allen said. “And I said, ‘Well, I starved. I basically talked about alcohol and drugs because that was basically what I did.’”

Allen said his problem with alcohol led him to struggle to function in his 20s, recalling how he couldn’t get up for work.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell