WATCH: Oh, So Now Robin Roberts Thinks There Was ‘a Lot of Red Flags’ in Smollett Case?

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts, the woman who refused to say the word “alleged” when interviewing Jussie Smollett, has suddenly discovered that there were “a lot of red flags” in the hate crimes case, now widely dismissed as a hoax. Roberts got a do-over on Monday as she interviewed Chicago’s superintendent of police, Eddie Johnson.

At times, Roberts seemed tougher on Johnson than Smollett, demanding details and offering follow-ups. But first, the host tried to rewrite history and pretend she saw problems from the start: “Even though you were saying early on that there was no reason not to believe his story, there were a lot of red flags that a lot of people saw and you all had questions.”

As a refresher, Roberts on February 14 interviewed Smollet, offering little skepticism:

What do you say to a young gay man, a young gay person?

If the attackers are never found, how will you be able to heal?

It’s been two weeks since that night left actor Jussie Smollett bruised but not broken. And he’s still processing the raw emotions. Have you ever been threatened before?

To restate, she never once even called the claims “alleged.” (As the MRC’s Tim Graham noted, the GMA co-host was tougher in fictional form when she interviewed Smollett’s character on his show Empire.) Days later, as the allegations continued to unravel, ABC defended the softball interview.

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Source: Newsbusters