Christian Leaders Disappointed After Israel Discontinues Government Christian Forum Initiative

Israel announced it will discontinue the “Government Christian Forum,” an initiative created in 2013 aimed at strengthening the relationship between Israel’s Christian community and the Israeli government.

“I have been informed that the Forum does not fall within the scope of the Public Security Ministry. Therefore, I have no choice but to discontinue the activity of the Forum as part of that ministry,” said Dr. Mordechai (Moti) Zaken, head of Israel’s Desk of Minorities Affairs.

Zaken vowed to do his best to continue to work with “Christian leaders in Israel and abroad to foster Israeli-Christian friendship.”

The forum’s last meeting was held December 3, 2018, and was devoted to improving the relationship between Christian organizations in Israel and the security wing of Israel’s aviation authority. Israel agreed to allow Christian organizations to appoint airport trustees to help ease the experience of Christians departing the country.

CBN News has reported on the work of the forum.

Christian leaders are disappointed that productive meetings like this one will no longer be facilitated by the Government Christian Forum.

“I am Christian who has lived in Israel for 39 years. Over these many years I have worked to strengthen the relations between the State and the Christian community locally and abroad.  In my time here I have found a lot of local enthusiasm for Christian support of Israel but very few officials who are willing to help our community in a practical way,” David Pileggi, Rector Christ Church Jerusalem, said in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Source: CBN