There’s a Devil Loose: Another Young Black Man Bites the Dust Because of Drugs: 2 Men Jailed After Allegedly Robbing & Killing Rapper in Drug Deal Gone Bad

Two men have been arrested in connection with the robbery and fatal shooting of a rapper Feb. 16 that investigators say was a drug deal gone bad.

Dakota Lee Clay and John David Richard Bell, both 20, were arrested on a capital murder warrants Friday. Bond was set at $500,000 for each.

Homicide Detective J. Cedillo said Caleb Sims, 24, had driven two other men to the 4800 block of Eagle Trace Parkway to sell marijuana to the suspects but were then robbed by the men.

“It was a drug deal gone bad basically,” Cedillo said.

He said the suspects then opened fire on Sims’ car.

Sims was struck multiple times and left incapacitated, Cedillo said.

A passenger in his car was shot in the upper arm but managed to drive the car away from the scene from the passenger seat, Cedillo said. A backseat passenger was injured by flying glass in the shooting but not shot, Cedillo said.

The front seat passenger managed to drive the car to a Dairy Queen restaurant on North Beach Street. There, he and the backseat passenger waived down help from a MedStar ambulance that had been parked, awaiting calls for service, Cedillo said.

Sims was taken to Medical City Alliance Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram