WATCH: 11-Year-Old Boy Thanks Jesus and ‘Black Panther’ for Saving His Life After His Face Was Impaled by 17-Inch Skewer

Millions of fans will be rooting for “Black Panther” at the 2019 Oscars awards ceremony this Sunday, but perhaps no one more than 11-year-old Xavier Cunningham.

The breakout film is up for a total of seven awards, including best picture – the first time a superhero film has been nominated in the category.

For Xavier, the movie stands alone and is already a golden winner.

CBN News first met him last September, just days after he left the hospital surviving a near-fatal accident.

He and two friends had climbed into a treehouse not knowing it was infested with yellowjackets. After getting attacked, Xavier fell from the treehouse ladder face first onto a 17-inch meat skewer wedged in the ground below.

“He had this metal-looking rod, what I thought was an arrow, coming out of his cheek,” Gabrielle Miller, the boy’s mother, recalled.

Xavier remembered his mom’s shock: “She was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Who did this to you?'”

The metal stake barely missed his left eye, spinal cord, and major blood vessels.

Doctors described him as a “medical marvel” and commended Xavier for remaining calm and resisting the urge to pull out the skewer, which would have likely caused swelling, bleeding, permanent brain damage, or death.

During the September meeting at the boy’s home in Harrisonville, Missouri, CBN’s John Jessup asked Xavier why he never attempted to remove the skewer from his face.

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SOURCE: CBN News, John Jessup