Christian Pakistani Student Stabbed by Muslim Classmates Suffers Kidney Damage

A Christian Pakistani student was recently stabbed by Muslim classmates. Haroon Ifan, a student at Government Mohammadi School in Karachi, was first targeted on Feb. 15 when a Muslim student stole and damaged his notebook.

“Haroon made a complaint to the teacher and, when the notebook was recovered from Majid’s backpack, he got angry and felt insulted,” Irfan Masih, Haroon’s father, told International Christian Concern (ICC).

Two days later, Haroon was attacked by Majid and other Muslim students on his way to buy food. reports Haroon was stabbed in the stomach, causing damage to his kidney.

“When Haroon was alone on the road, Majid and five others beat Haroon for alleging Majid of stealing his notebook and complaining to the teacher,” Irfan shared. “The attack was so terrible that Haroon’s kidney was cut into two pieces.”

The students left Haroon at the scene wounded. After being discovered, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors had to remove his kidney.

Human rights advocates note that attacks by Muslims on Christians in the country are not given proper attention, and Haroon’s case was no exception. The police were initially unwilling to register a First Information Report (FIR) on the attack, and Haroon’s parents have been pressured by police not to press charges.

However, the boy’s family is refusing to back down, declaring that they want justice for Haroon.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Christian Ellis