Sherlin Henderson Lewis’ New Book, “Replacing the Devil’s Wardrobe with God’s Covering”, Reveals How Faulty Mindsets Ruin Our Lives & How Following Biblical Principles Can Save Us

Replacing the Devil’s Wardrobe with God’s Covering
by Sherlin Henderson Lewis
Cover Illustration by Kiah K. Lewis
ISBN-10: 171872277X
ISBN-13: 978-1718722774
$9.99; 150 pp.
Release Date: July 2, 2018
Published in association with Enough Grace Publishing

We work very hard to cover up the fact that we have issues and imperfections in an effort to look “okay” to other people. Yet, even in our best efforts to look “okay”, we fail to be “okay” because we are wearing things in the spirit that come from faulty and decaying spiritual wardrobes. Faulty mindsets along with sin work to keep us looking our worst, but God desires to cover us in His best. He has designed an amazing wardrobe for us all. God’s covering will not only help us to look good, but it will also empower us to live well.

Sherlin Henderson Lewis experienced a series of devastating life events that drove her into a deep depression and to the brink of suicide. These events not only robbed her of her desire to live, but they led her to live a sinful and destructive life that almost killed her. But God forgave and raised her up with a spirit of gratitude, teaching her to forgive. The principles of God’s Word saved her from sure destruction. In Replacing the Devil’s Wardrobe with God’s Covering, Sherlin looks at the scriptures and identifies some of the devil’s faulty mindsets that can be developed as a result of sin. She also reveals some of the key principles of God’s covering that protect us from both developing faulty mindsets and the issues that they produce.

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Sherlin Henderson Lewis

Sherlin Henderson Lewis is a happy wife, devoted mother, and thankful daughter. A teacher, writer, and evangelist, she is the president and founder of Enough Grace Publishing LLC. In addition to “Replacing the Devil with God’s Covering”, Sherlin has also written the historical inspirational romance novel, Birthing Pangs.

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