Critic Says Amanda Palmer’s ‘Abortion Shower’ Song Actually Has a Pro-Life Message

Singer Amanda Palmer’s new single “Voicemail for Jill” is being lauded by fans for addressing abortion, but some see its dark lyrics as having an unexpectedly pro-life message.

Palmer, a 42-year-old musician and frequent promoter of Planned Parenthood, said she’d been trying to write a song about abortion for over 20 years, but found it an impossible task until she was on tour in Dublin last year during Ireland’s abortion referendum.

The song is about her friend “Jill” in Boston who’s struggling with her decision to have an abortion. Palmer, who’s in London, leaves her a supportive voicemail letting her know that she’s not the only woman to experience the “Hell” of going through an abortion, which she described as “the hardest decision.” But she assures Jill that when she returns home she’ll throw her the “best abortion shower.”

Palmer said she “wrote this song as a gift, a handbook for any woman on her way to have an abortion,” according to Paste magazine.

Here are some of the lyrics: (read in full here):

But no one’s gonna celebrate you
No one’s gonna bring you cake
And no one’s gonna shower you with flowers
The doctor won’t congratulate you
No one on that pavement’s gonna
Shout at you that your heart also matters

It’s a strange grief but it’s grief
Look at all the women in the street
You know the statistics, Jill
Even though they may not help Isn’t it amazing
How we can never tell
Who is in an identical Hell

I can bring some friends if you want us to come
We can bring you cake and we can bring you flowers
We can bring you wine and we can talk for hours
Ukulele by request
We’ll throw you the best
Abortion shower

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles said on his podcast Wednesday that although Palmer, who is an advocate for abortion rights, probably didn’t intend for the song to have a pro-life message, he believes it does because it highlights the harms of abortion, both for the mother and the baby.

“There is this crazy song that is making the rounds right now … singling about how we ought to have baby shower for abortions. Baby showers for the babies that we are about to kill,” Knowles said.

“It’s a jarring song. The song is making a pro-life argument. She (Palmer) doesn’t think it’s making a pro-life argument. She thinks that she’s suggesting baby showers for people who kill their babies. … This is a cry for help in a perverted culture,” he asserted.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Melissa Barnhart