Actor Kristoffer Polaha Says Exploring and Testing Other Religions Led Him Back to Christianity and a True Relationship With Jesus Christ

Actor Kristoffer Polaha revealed how exploring and testing religion led him back to Christianity and a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Christian Post attended the Los Angeles premiere for “Run the Race” last week and sat down with the longtime television actor and his co-star, Frances Fisher, to talk about his involvement in the Tebow film production. During the interview, Polaha took the opportunity to share his own personal faith.

“For me personally, I grew up in a Christian household, my dad was Catholic and my mom was Pentecostal so any tent revival that came through Reno Nevada, we were there, speaking in tongues,” Polaha told CP.

At age 17, Polaha had already gained some fame in acting so he decided he would pray a “prayer of pride.”

“I remember very distinctly, I had a very pretty girlfriend at the time, I was the lead of these plays and I thought to myself, ‘Is this you God doing this for me, or is it me?’” Polaha recalled. “I said, ‘I’ma find out, I’m not going to pray for like six months. I’m just going to kind of go off into the wilderness.’”

Polaha’s six-month test turned into six years of him off on his own without true communion with the faith he was raised in, until “something happened.”

“I went on a Semester at Sea and went around the world, I learned about Shintoism Buddhism, Hindu, Muslim, Judaism — I wanted to understand religion. I wanted to look at my faith not as a tradition but as a choice that I was making,” he explained.

While on his journey, the Hollywood star said that beyond all the lip service he did truly believe there was a God in the universe that loves everyone. The Nevada native said he truly believed God had a purpose for each person.

“He (God) met me one night and He knocked on my heart and He said, ‘I want you back,’” Polaha testified. “For me, that was the Christ narrative. It made the most sense and it was the one that I just related to.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law