WATCH: Guitar Player’s ‘Side-Eye’ at NBA All Star National Anthem Singer, Anthony Hamilton: ‘I’m Playing Good, but You Singing Bad’

Singer Anthony Hamilton performed a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game, but it’s his bass guitarist that’s getting all the attention.

The soul singer, flanked by an acoustic guitarist and a bassist, put a slowed-down spin on the national anthem while performing it before Sunday night’s game started.

Hamilton’s chilled-out rendition of the song was well-received by both game attendees and viewers at home — in stark contrast to Fergie’s up-and-down version at the 2018 All-Star Game — leading to favorable comparisons to Marvin Gaye’s beloved singing of the anthem during 1983’s NBA All-Star Game.

While most praised Hamilton’s performance, eagle-eyed social media users, however, caught one person that didn’t appear to be quite so taken with Hamilton’s version of the song.

Although the bassist is clearly jamming along and feeling the tune, he appears to get a little thrown right at the end of the song where it seems like Hamilton might’ve engaged in a little unexpected improv.

As Hamilton belts out the last note, the bassist can clearly be seen furrowing his eyebrows and engaging in a noticeable side-eye — a four-second moment in time that went viral almost immediately.

‘Anthony Hamilton is singing the anthem but dude on the guitar behind him is stealing the show,’ Twitter user @Simply_Cv wrote.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail