Please Do Not Take God’s Gift of Sight for Granted

How do you react when you see a blind man tapping his way through the obstacles of daily living? Do you empathize with him? Do you want to assist him in his struggle? Empathy is pity mingled with love. It sees the blind man and cares that he may stumble or walk into something that could injure him.

The blind are free from a familiarity that can be a curse for those of us who can see. We often take light, color, and beauty for granted—as though sight is our right.

I have interviewed blind people, and the first question I’ve asked them is to describe the color blue. One young lady said that it was a very sad color, because “people get the blues.” It broke my heart that she would go through life never seeing the amazing spectacle of a blue sky.

Most of us barely give it a second glance. We may think that it is better than dull and dreary clouds, but we should be in awe at blue’s breathtaking beauty. Its majesty should immediately cause us to glorify God. The Bible says that the heavens “declare” the glory of God (see Psalm 19:1), but we hardly hear a whisper because sin has made us dull of hearing.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort