If You Really Want to be ‘Woke’, Speak Out Against Abortion

You cannot call yourself “woke” and “for your people” if you are silent on the issue of abortion. You are a liar and a con.

The term “woke” has been thrown around in culture today as a sign that a person is aware of what’s happening, is in tune with the struggle, and can identify the culprits that produce injustice upon the “least of these.” A woke person sees the “system” as corrupt, evil, and responsible for holding individuals down – especially brown and black people – through various social powers and structured efforts energized by the privilege of the majority. This is wokeness, but it’s not truly being woke. When properly examined, it’s merely the extension of the slavery mentality.

The travesty of abortion never seems to show up on the wokeness radar. These folks claim to be so woke, yet they ignore one of the main systems that seeks to destroy a targeted group of people and one whose origins are rooted in “scientific racism” and skin-based partiality. It bothers me to see most who claim to be in the woke audience also champion the murder of babies, most of whom are of the same ethnicity of the woke crowd. This only ends in self-destruction, but it seems that the wisdom of even recognizing this ultimate outcome eludes them.

Black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population, yet they obtain 36.2 percent of reported abortions. In Mississippi alone, that rate is 79 percent. Is this not a reason to be outraged? The woke usually hover around issues like police brutality (that is white law enforcement officers being brutal to black men), or the prison system, or redlining, or joblessness based on discrimination. These topics usually find great traction in the woke narrative. Meanwhile, the slaughter of our innocent babies – thousands per year – is a far greater destroyer than slavery that was practiced in America, yet black people and so-called black leadership largely remain silent on this issue.

We have been successfully programmed to believe that the taking of innocent life falls in the birth control category. The issue has also become so politicized that whole church denominations, black civil rights organizations, and others would rather march and protest against a phantom system that’s “holding blacks down” than take on the destruction that is actually devastating an entire ethnicity.

How long can we stay silent and stand by as our babies are slaughtered? There is more outrage about Gucci creating a blackface sweater than there is for the black babies being murdered on a daily basis. We need to resist following entertainers and athletes with misplaced priorities as they stir up anger over issues of partiality that often have no real basis of truth. They conveniently miss problems like abortion, which has done more harm and resulted in more bloodshed in this country than the Ku Klux Klan could have dreamed of causing.

The church also needs to be held accountable on this for not preaching the truth of the Word of God concerning sexuality and for not giving the biblical worldview regarding the sanctity of life. We are all made in the Imago Dei (“image of God”), and regardless of what a person may or may not become in life, they still deserve the chance to live.

I have been thinking recently about this whole woke movement – how the mantras of privilege and disadvantage because of being enslaved at one time in history make up the foundation on which wokeness stands. It’s much easier to blame someone else for our failures than it is to look ourselves squarely in the face and own up to our own faults. Slavery was a horrendous blight upon our nation. This issue was only made right by going to war, and the effects of slavery still ring throughout our society today.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Wil Addison