BCNN1 Celebrates Black History Happening Today with “50 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers” Compilation

“We believe that black history is important. But we also believe that making history today is more important,” write the editors of Black Christian News Network One (BCNN1) in the introduction of their compilation titled, 50 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers.

“We cannot rest on the laurels of great luminaries such as Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, and others. God used these and others mightily in their time; now He has given us this time and we will have to answer to Him as to how we use it. In light of that, we have attempted to place in one volume some of the most influential Black Christian History-Makers who are living today and who are serving Jesus Christ with their various gifts and talents. We all know that when we get to Heaven the people who will be in front getting the rewards are those faithful, behind-the-scenes people in the body of Christ who clean the bathrooms, work in the nursery, do the ushering, and cook the food, not the luminaries that we see out front today. Be that as it may, these are BCNN1’s 50 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers.”

50 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers is available now on Amazon. is dedicated to reporting breaking news from a black, Christian perspective for the glory of God. By the grace of God, in a few short years, has established itself as the leading Christian news site from an African-American perspective that actually reaches all people – red, yellow, black, and white, for all are precious in God’s site.