WATCH: Police Officers Comfort Crying 11-month-old Girl they Found in a Walmart Parking Lot after She was Accidentally Kidnapped by Car Jacker

Georgia police found the 11-month-old girl they think was inadvertently kidnapped Sunday

This is the moment a toddler was reunited with her mother after being inadvertently kidnapped by a car thief.

Ma’Kai Morton of Athens, Georgia was snatched seemingly without the person who made the getaway knowing she was in the vehicle.

Thankfully the 11-month-old girl, was found in her child seat at the back of the motor parked outside a Walmart one hour after her mother, Laquaviua Lashawn Morton, 22, realized she’d gone.

Laquaviua Lashawn Morton, 22, had her daughter Ma’Kai Morton snatched along with her car
Georgia police found the 11-month-old girl they think was inadvertently kidnapped Sunday

Law enforcement said Morton had left the child in the 2001 white Ford Taurus with the engine running while she stepped inside her home Sunday around 7.15pm.

When she came back outside to the driveway, the four-door Sedan worth $3,000 and her daughter were missing.

In a clip shared by Athens-Clarke County Police, officers who found the car abandoned in the store parking lot are seen comforting the crying toddler.

Desperate to calm her down and keep her warm in the cold weather, one man is heard telling the little girl as he holds her in his arms: ‘It’s cold, it’s cold, here we go we’re going to put up your hood, keep you dry and warm.’

Her mother stepped inside her home but left the child in the car with the engine on

The reporting officer was Ponder Suto.

Shortly after, the baby’s relieved mother was able to hold her again.

‘Are you okay?’ the parent is heard saying. ‘Just cover your head up.’

The weather in the Oncee County area Sunday night was 33F with a wind chill of 29F.

By Monday Anthony Eugine Stafford, 52, was listed as a witness in the incident.

They were hunting for a suspect on suspicion of kidnapping and car theft (a felony).

Police said Tuesday they thought the person who stole the car ditched it when they realized there was precious cargo inside that they were not expecting to have on their hands.

Officers tried to keep crying Ma’Kai Morton warm by putting on her hood outside Walmart
Police are heard comforting the kidnapped little girl in a body cam video released this week
She was found in a 2001 white Ford Taurus an hour after going missing from outside her home

unity where somebody took advantage of trying to steal a vehicle and also kidnapped an 11-month-old child,’ Athens-Clarke County Police Department public information officer, Geof Gilland, told Fox 5.

‘Our investigators are trying to piece together what transpired during that hour, where that vehicle may have been. We’re thankful they did leave the vehicle in a location where it could be found.’

Authorities said the child was unharmed.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, by Leah Simpson