There’s a Devil Loose: Mother of Two ‘Faked Kidnapping After She Killed her Toddler Son, then Cut Up and Burned his Body, and Hid his Remains in her Purse’

A New Jersey mother-of-two accused of killing her toddler son confessed to police she fatally struck the boy because he wouldn’t eat or listen, then dismembered his body and reported him kidnapped to cover up the murder.

Nakira Griner, 24, is charged with first-degree murder; endangering the welfare of a child; desecration of human remains, and tampering with evidence.

Cumberland County prosecutors have said the Bridgeton woman initially reported that her eldest son had been violently abducted just after 6.30pm Friday.

A response team began a search aided by city and state police, prosecutors, and bloodhounds from New Jersey State Park Police.

The child’s burned and dismembered remains were found in a purse and garbage bags at around 3am on Saturday, buried under a shed in the yard of Griner’s home on Woodland Drive, reported the Vineland Daily Journal.

When questioned by police, Griner admitted that she hit Daniel because he wouldn’t ‘eat nor listen to her’, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint said Griner admitted striking the child so hard that she left bruises on his face and also said he fell down a flight of stairs. After striking the child, she didn’t call for help, but placed him in a stroller and left him alone.

Griner told police responding to the abduction report that a stranger had attacked her while she was walking with her toddler in a stroller and her infant son strapped to her chest along Atlantic Street, according to the complaint.

She said her assailant kicked her and she fell to the ground as the attacker continued to kick her in the head and right side.

When she looked up, the stroller and Daniel was gone, she told police. Officers soon found the stroller, containing only a pair of red sneakers, a few blocks away.

Griner’s story began to change during subsequent interviews with police, authorities said.

Police said the 24-year-old also failed a polygraph test with New Jersey State Police.

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SOURCE: AP / Daily Mail